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Planning and Compassionate Support for End-of-Life Transitions

Autumn of Life Planning

What is an End-of-Life Doula?

End-of-life doulas (sometimes referred to as death doulas or death midwives) provide non-medical support to those who are dying and often to their family. By discussing wishes for living well before death, current challenges and what the client would like to accomplish, the doula, client and family tailor a plan for services. The doula provides emotional, spiritual, psychological and practical support and information. The doula also works with Hospice and others on the client’s care team.


Thinking about and preparing for a serious medical event or the end of life can seem overwhelming. I will listen to you and meet you where you are. We can explore your thoughts, feelings, practical needs and wishes to create a plan to make this time as meaningful as possible. I will work with your medical care team and Hospice to provide you and those closest to you with non-medical support so that you may fulfill your end-of-life goals as well as possible. I believe that consciously acknowledging our life, our dying and our inevitable death brings peace of mind when the time comes.

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